Daniel Hauke MSc

PhD student


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Daniel Hauke obtained a Bachelor of Science in psychology, after studying at the Georg-August-University Goettingen, Germany, and the Universidade Federal do Ceará in Fortaleza, Brazil, from 2011 until 2014. He received his Master of Science in cognitive and clinical neuroscience in 2016 after studying at Maastricht University, the Netherlands, and the Translational Neuromodeling Unit, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He is now enrolled as doctoral student in the computer science department of the faculty for natural sciences at Basel University, as well as an external Ph.D. student at the Neuroscience Center Zurich (ZNZ).

Currently, he is working in an interdisciplinary project which attempts to exploit generative models, such as the Hierarchical Gaussian Filter and Dynamic Causal Modeling, to investigate the formation and persistence of persecutory delusions in psychosis and test the models‘ clinical utility using machine learning.


Mechanisms of persecutory delusions